Country Sierra Nutmeg

All Plywood Cabinets and Drawers Durable metal clip fasteners hold the plywood together
Raised Panel Standard Reveal
Door Species: Birch Four-way adjustable hinges
Framed door 1/2" Grade-A Plywood Boxes
3/4" Grade-A Plywood Shelves Come fully assembled
he country series is constructed from all plywood cabinets and drawers, with the distinctive feature of side-mount, epoxy coated glides. The wall and base cabinets are equipped with plywood adjustable shelves and four-way adjustable hinges, reinforced for extra durability by a metal clip fastener assembly system./td>

Country Sierra Nutmeg 10X10 Kitchen

$4,498.00 $2,249.00
CNC-S9-SB36, CNC-S9-CW2430, CNC-S9-W3012, CNC-S9-W3612, CNC-S9-BF3, CNC-S9-BLB36/39, CNC-S9-W1830, CNC-S9-W1530(2), CNC-S9-B15(3), CNC-S9-W3930, CNC-S9-TKS(2)
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